SUMMARY: Remodelling & Modernisation of charity headquarters

CLIENT: Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy

Nordoff Robbins are a charity organisation providing music therapy. Their headquarters in Highgate was originally converted from an electrical sub-station in the late-1980s. Over the years, the charity has grown and the working practices have evolved.

This project involved a full refurbishment and re-modelling of the building to suit their current operations. The existing services were retained and modified wherever possible to both save costs and avoid needless waste. There are stringent acoustic conditions on the building with regard to noise penetration both into the building from outside and from the building to outside.  

The ventilation system is a hybrid design providing a flexible combination of natural ventilation and forced mechanical ventilation. The fresh-air supply on the ground floor enters the building through a large plenum underneath the building which pre-cools the entering air and provides a degree of free-cooling during the warmer months.

Photo Credits: Tim Crocker